1962 MGA 1600 MKII
Our First Award

Christmas 1969
First Steps
Roadside Repairs - Back in 1970!
The Restoration
Body Work - Almost Done
Key West Regional - April '06
Our First Award
Cape Breton, Nova Scotia 2010
Savannah Regional 2013
Asheville Regional 2013
Ottawa GT-39 2014
Our Daughter's Wedding
In late September of 2005 we participated in a rally in Southampton, NY (yes, THAT Hampton, with all the "bling bling") for a charity rally. After the rally we ended up in our own wine country on the North Fork of Long Island for a awards ceremony (free wine and food at http://www.pindar.net).

 Well, we came in next to last out of 80 cars in the rally - seems that stopping twice to clear dirt out of the float needles is not a way win a 2 hour rally. Especially when some of the Mercedes and BMW owners were cheating and using their built-in GPS systems!

 BUT, they had a "People's Choice Award" for the most popular car and we tied for first place with a gorgeous '69 Shelby Mustang! We won a  bottle of Pindar wine - nothing to hang on the wall, but better than the taste of gasoline in my mouth from blowing out the needle valves (I installed an in-line filter the following weekend). Here's a picture of us with our "trophy".

More Pictures of the Restoration