1962 MGA 1600 MKII
Ottawa Trip - July 2014

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Ottawa GT-39 2014
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They called NAMGAR's GT-39 "A Capital Idea" because, well, it was held in Canada's Capital - Ottawa! Our plan was to meet our fellow Mid-Atlantic MGA Club members in Sacket's Harbor, a small historic NY town close to the Canadian border. Google Maps put it at a 10 hr drive from Long Island (avoiding highways) so we decided to make it a 2 day trip, staying first in Herkimer NY, a town along the Erie/Mohawk canal.

Here's Melon checking out the waterfront on the canal.

From Herkimer we went northwest, driving through a huge field of modern windmills, all along a ridge north of Syracuse, eventually reaching Sacket's Harbor in late afternoon.

The rest of our club members arrived shortly after us, and we all had dinner together at a local brew pub, then went out on the deck to watch sunset.

The next day we all took a Ferry to Canada. A very small ferry, but MGAs are also small, so they packed us in!

We spent four great days in Ottawa, taking a riverboat cruise, visiting Parliament, doing a car show, and even watching a "drive-in movie" from the hotel parking lot.

OK, not a very big screen, but the movie, Blue Hawaii, featured Elvis driving an MGA.