1962 MGA 1600 MKII
Roadside Repairs - Back in 1970!
Christmas 1969
First Steps
Roadside Repairs - Back in 1970!
The Restoration
Body Work - Almost Done
Key West Regional - April '06
Our First Award
Cape Breton, Nova Scotia 2010
Savannah Regional 2013
Asheville Regional 2013
Ottawa GT-39 2014
Our Daughter's Wedding
From '68 to '73 the MGA was the car of choice for all our summer trips - we drove it all over the Northeast. Naturally, some roadside repairs were necessary along the way. This is a picture taken on a road trip in New England. The original Lucas fuel pump stopped working. We drove for a while with the battery cover off and Ken hitting it regularly with a wrench. Whenever a gear change was necessary, Ken stepped on the clutch, called out the gear and Melon shifted with her left hand from the passenger seat!  Ah, finally we reach a town, time to pull it out and attempt a repair......let's coast into that nice big empty parking lot over there!
Just as I get the pump undone, a State Trooper arrives. As Melon takes this picture he is telling me to move the car because a bomb threat was called in for the adjacent factory building! So that's why the parking lot is empty!!!!



If you look carefully at the picture on the right, you can see the "washer" Ken made from a copper paper clip. That fixed the fuel pump problem for the rest of the trip!