1962 MGA 1600 MKII
  Our Daughter's Wedding- August 2014

Christmas 1969
First Steps
Roadside Repairs - Back in 1970!
The Restoration
Body Work - Almost Done
Key West Regional - April '06
Our First Award
Cape Breton, Nova Scotia 2010
Savannah Regional 2013
Ottawa GT-39 2014

When our daughter, Karen, was small, she and her brother Kyle would sit in the old MGA rusting away in our garage and take "trips", pretending to be driving the A everywhere their imagination took them.

Years later, as Karen and her husband to be, Pete, planned their outdoor wedding in an orchard in New Hampshire, the owner of the orchard asked if Karen would like to arrive at the wedding site in a hay wagon or carriage. Karen said, "My parents have an old sports car, maybe that would be a great way to make my entrance!"

Well, the rest became history, and was documented in the national MGA! magazine

Here's a picture from the cover of the June 2015 issue - you can read the article Melon wrote for that issue here.

Here are a few more pictures, all courtesy of wedding photographer Jeff Woodward

Karen makes her