1962 MGA 1600 MKII
Body Work
Christmas 1969
First Steps
Roadside Repairs - Back in 1970!
The Restoration
Body Work - Almost Done
Key West Regional April '06
Our First Award
Cape Breton
Savannah Regional 2013
Asheville Regional 2013
Ottawa GT-39 2014
Our Daughter's Wedding

The body is finished in the original Old English White - perfectly matched by the ICI paint computer at Performance Auto Body. Robert J. Hamilton did all of the body work and it came out incredibly well. He and I worked together for many nights in 2004 to complete the bumpers, headlights, grille, etc. 

Dec 2004


Dec 2004 - Bumpers on


Dec 2004 - Installing the fender liners


Dec 2004 - Electricals sorted out