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On a rainy day in June we started off to Asheville, NC to attend NAMGAR's GT-38. We drove out through NJ, down through PA, into MD and stopped at a motel. Usually, the A is the oldest, most interesting car in the lot, but not that night. Take a look:

From that point on we took all sideroads, travelling south into Virginia, heading towards the Blue Ridge Parkway.

We decided to overnight in a little town called Galax VA, just north ot the Blue Ridge. From the motel, we walked downtown and found a pub for dinner.

I ordered a draft beer, "make it large" I said. It had been a long hot day. I had no idea what "large beer" meant in Galax!

From Galax we got on the Blue Ridge Parkway and headed down to Asheville, stopping for lunch at a cute town called Blowing Rock. Well, by the time we finished lunch, the wind WAS blowing, and the rain started coming down.

We put the hood up, sidecurtains in and headed back to the Parkway. As we came around a curve to get back on, we saw this unusual rock formation. Through our foggy windshield it looked like a huge fish about to swim across the road!


We arrived at the hotel in Ashville after a scary ride through rain and fog on the Blue Ridge. Turns out that we kept climbing, up into the rain clouds at around 3000 ft. and crept along in first and second gear, just barely able to see the yellow line.

The next morning we all headed out to the Biltmore Estate. They parked us all in front for a group picture.  Here's Melon explaining our "fun adventure" to good MGA friend, Alana Adams, with the Biltmore in the background.

Here's that same event, but taken from a different angle