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In early April Melon and I took the A down the east coast, out along the Outer Banks of North Carolina, then 2 ferries back to the mainland to mosey down the coastline of the Carolinas. We were heading to the NAMGAR Savannah Regional, but left a week early to allow time to relax and enjoy the Southern Hospitality and the beauty the coastal towns (not to mention the great food!).

Here’s how many of our mornings started out:

Sunrise in
                      Kitty Hawk

For most of the trip down we stayed at B&B's, with one overnight stay with good MGA friends Vicki and Don Carlberg in Aiken, SC.

We visited both "Beauforts", one in North Carolina, pronounced "Bo-fort" and the one in South Carolina, pronouced "Bew-fort". Here's a photo of our favorite B&B, the Rhett House in Beaufort, SC.


 The Rhett House staff loved the car so much they posted in on their April 2013  Facebook page (scroll down a bit).
Well, the trip was just amazing! The car ran like a train for over 2500 miles. We had good weather all the way, top (hood to you Brits) down, enjoying the Spanish Moss gently swaying in the breeze. Here's the A on one of the beautiful streets in Beaufort, SC.

When we arrived at the hotel in Savannah, we knew we were in the right place - nothing like the sight of other MGAs and even a Magnette!

We had four fun-filled days hanging out with many of our Mid-Atlantic MGA club friends and making new ones. We toured the city on foot and "trolly" and drove out to the surrounding attractions. Here is Melon at the Lighthouse on Tybee Island - Savannah's version of the Hamptons!

To quote Bill Marshall, "It was a great time .. as NAMGAR Regionals always are!". You can read more about it in an article Melon wrote for  MGA! magazine